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 Evolution of Nemezish

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PostSubject: Evolution of Nemezish   Tue Jul 30, 2013 3:42 am


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Alternate names: Nemezis (Hungarian), Nemesis (Alternate English), Nemejishu (ネメジシュ, Japanese)
Creator: Majestic (Peter Pataki, or Pataki Péter in his native Hungarian)
Race: Angel (Alternate World FRPG, Alternate World Parody, Ways of Darkness FRPG), Human (Ways of Darkness on RPG Maker 2003 and VX Ace)
Class: Magician, Magician-Cleric hybrid (Ways of Darknes on RPG Maker 2003)
First Apperance: Alternate World FRPG (2007) in her original angel form, Ways of Darkness on RPG Maker 2003 (2012, unfinished) as a human for the first time

Nemezish's evolution came a long way. From a cold killer with no regard for human or animal life in Alternate World FRPG, to literally a caring angel in Ways of Darkness.

In Alternate World FRPG (2007-2009)
Nemezis was created a blind angel, with cold personality, and general disregard for life. While cold-blooded, she had a sense of shyness and embarassment. Nemezis spoke in a no-nonsense style, mostly sounding serious, but nevertheless having a softer side and occasional emotional outbursts (like when finding Ildor after he left the team).
Originally, she lived in the "Lower Dimension" (real-world, Earth), as an assassin-girl in New Jersey, US. Her real name is not given, nor her ethnicity, but it's implied that she was either a White American, or less likely a Japanese American.
She wasn't born into an assassin-family - she got adopted to one at the age of 12, against her will. She had her first killing at the age of 13, crying in the proccess. Gradually, she grew cold and emotionless. She died at the age of 17, brutually murdered while trying to kill a target. Her eyes were cut off with a knife.
Having died in the Lower Dimension, she arrived to the Spirit Dimension (the world Alternate World is set in), reborn as a beautiful angel, with wings capable of flying fast and far, with butt-length white hair, large breasts, nice body and fine behind. She also suddenly had destructive magical powers, mostly related to fire. Her only flaw was her blindness.
Despite looking like an angel (and technically being one), her personality was anything but angel-like - quite the contrary.
When she first met Gnarog, she was naked and only equipped with a flint knife. Gnarog soon made a clothing for her out of leather, and then they started exploring. They slowly introduced themselves to each other. Gnarog gradually started falling in love with Nemezish, despite her cold personality. Nemezish slowly started to open up for Gnarog, but she was still relatively cold.
After saving Nemezish from a wild bison, Gnarog kissed Nemezish, causing her to slap Gnarog, making him faint. Gnarog loved Nemezish as a romantic interest, while Nemezish loved Gnarog as a brother, or good comrade, though refusing to admit it.
Later on, Morthen Orden'Ath Ildor joined the team, though the first encounter wasn't too friendly (non-violent nevertheless). Later, Ildor left the team, prompting Nemezish and Gnarog to search for him. It was at that time, when Nemezish had her only emotional outburst, tears. After failing to convince Ildor to reunite with Gnarog and Nemezish, the two returned to the camp. That was when Nemezish first started showing signs of multiple-personality disorder - a dark voice giving her advices and telling her to exploit or kill Gnarog.
After Gnarog's death, she was only mildly saddened. Later, she met Kasim Kemal (Ottoman Turk, executed in real-life for his military failures in Hungary). No further information is available, due to the fact that the game stopped from that point, though it is implied that the two parted ways soon, and Nemezish most likely lived a solitary life later on.

In Alternate World Parody on RPG Maker 2000 (2008/2011, game making started and stopped in 2008, re-digged and finished in 2011)
While Nemezish is still an angel, there are no references of her blindness, therefore it's implied that she is not blind in the game. There are no signs of her multiple-personality disaster either, so it's implied it doesn't exist in the game either. Her personality is no longer cold, and her disregard for human and animal life is gone. This is because the game was made by Zsolt Tóth (that's me), and Majestic (the original creator of Nemezish) did not participate in the game's development, causing Nemezish's personality to be distorted from the original, due to Zsolt Tóth's mediocore-at-best script-writing skills.
Instead, Nemezish is a shy angel, who blushes a lot. She is shown to have a very human-like personality, having a sense of humour, having a softer and more serious side at the same time, etc. She seems indifferent to Gnarog's romantic approaches, usually repplying with nothing but a blush, and maybe a smile. The two kiss while inprisoned, much to Nemezish's reluctance. After the game ends, the ending title says that Gnarog and Nemezish got married, had 4 children and lived happily ever after.
Gameplay-wise, Nemezish has a good amount of destructive spells, and a few weaker healing spells. The item "Magikon" makes all her spells cost half as much spellpoints, while they are also stronger at the same time.
Nemezish can wear any type of armour except for the heavest plate mail. She can use knives, axes, swords and modern firearms, but not medieval bows. Nemezish is a magician-type of character, with low amount of hitpoints, and high amount of spellpoints.

In the Ways of Darkness FRPG (2010-today)
Nemezish is an angel, but not blind.
No information is given about her birth, or really about her powers, only that she is good at healing and fire magic, and also skilled with knives and daggers.
Nemezish first met Gnarog during Gnarog's adventures in Northern Etrand, when Gnarog was hunting for a dragon. That was when they met Ildor too. At the time, Nemezish was injured, and found refugee in a cave - the same cave Gnanog and Ildor used as a shelter from the cold weather. Gnarog took Nemezish to his home, and temporally gave up his life of adventures to care for Nemezish. To make sure they have something to eat, Gnarog worked as a farmer. As Nemezish recovered from her injuries, Gnarog not only could afford to return to his life of an adventurer, but he also took Nemezish with himself - Nemezish proved to be a useful companion, with her abilities to heal and unleash carnage through her control of fire.
Nemezish and Gnarog gradually started feeling more than friendship towards each other. Their companionship blossomed into a romantic relationship, and eventually a marriage. Now they are living together in a house in Talon.
Her personality in Ways of Darkness is similiar to that of the Alternate World Parody on RPG Maker 2000, making her literally an angel, though more childlike here.
In addition to that, Nemezish is shown to have a childlike approach to several wordly things, due to the fact that she has been to Artograch since only 4-5 years before present. Nemezish has a fondness to cats and little children, and generally anything that is cute, as part of her childlike personality. Nevertheless, she has her mature side, and likes to show her pride of knowing some things better than others. Despite being an angel, she seems to really value earthly pleasures and enjoyment, as she can be seen playing with little children, petting cats, praising Gnarog's cooking skills, enjoying good food and music, etc.

In Ways of Darkness on RPG Maker 2003 (2012, never finished, abandoned)
Nemezish is no longer an angel, but instead an ordinary human. This is also the first time when her name is really Nemezish, and not Nemezis.
Her class is neither the Standard Cleric, nor the Standard Magician, but instead a unique hybrid of them, exclusive to this character. As such - just like the RPG Maker 2000 game - she is weak in physical combat, but has powerful spels to compensate for that. Due to her unique class, she has a powerful combination of healing spells and offensive spells. If her level is high enough, she can even rescurrect dead characters.
While her personality didn't go through such an overhaul it went between the original Alternate World FRPG and the Alternate World Parody, it still changed again. In addition to being a human instead of angel, she is also more mature.
Her relationship with Gnarog is complicated here. It is mentioned that they kissed before, and it is often implied that they are a couple, but not very strongly. When asked by the protagonist about her closeness to Gnarog, she sighs and replies ""Is that so? Well, we maybe more than friends, but... Hey, it's not very apropriate to meddle in in others private affairs!". When asked the same question about Nemezish, Gnarog replies "Is that so?  Wel I... umm...  Let's just say that she's my extension. We rely a lot on each other".
Nemezish claims to have been born in Grandfolk - further reinforcing the fact that she's a human, not an angel - but she prefers not to speak of her childhood. There is no information why is that so, but it's implied she has bad childhood memories, or even the extremes of close relatives dying. When asked by the protagonist where did she learn how to use magic, she replies "The Mages Guild of Steelhelm is the place. There was also a priest who taught me some healing magic too. Cool, huh?"
When asked by the protagonist when did she meet the others, she replies "I first met Gnarog while looking for a treasure. Gnarog was hunting, and then some monsters attacked... Basically, we had to rely on each other to survve. You figure out the rest. Ildor was just wandering around when he met us. Ladislaus and Stephanus were childhood friends before they met us. I think the rest of the story is pretty obvious."
In Ways of Darkness on RPG Maker 2003, Nemezish was voiced by Mercédesz Emese Lubi (Lubi Emese Mercédesz, in her native Hungarian), who already provided her singing voice in three remixes the game's creator Zsolt Tóth (that's me) made years before the game. It is unknown if she will retain her role as voicing Nemezish in the current game or not.

In Ways of Darkness on RPG Maker VX Ace (2013-???, in progress)
Since there is no storyline yet, we can't know anything.
The only facts are - for now - is that Nemezish is a Human Magician, dropping the healing spells she had in the RPG Maker 2003 game.
There is no information about her personality yet - or relations to Gnarog -, but it is implied that it will probably the same as in the RPG Maker 2003 game.
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Evolution of Nemezish
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