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 Evolution of Stephanus

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Stephanus Tavilrond

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PostSubject: Evolution of Stephanus   Tue Jul 30, 2013 3:34 am

Stephanus Tavilrond

[Only admins are allowed to see this image]

Alternate names: Sutefanusu Tavirondo (ステファヌス タヴィロンド, Japanese)
Creator: Zsolt Tóth (that's me)
Race: Human
Class: Knight (in WoD's world, Knights are like Paladins in other fantasy worlds - swordsmen in shining armour who have a limited access to Clerical healing magic)
First Apperance: Ways of Darkness FRPG (2010)

In the Ways of Darkness FRPG (2010-today)
Detailed information about Stephanus is readable [Only admins are allowed to see this link].
Stephanus is a human knight. He is sharp, loyal, and devout. He is skilled at swordsmanship, healing magic and thunder magic. He has a magical sword that makes his spells stronger.

In Alternate World Parody on RPG Maker 2000 (2008/2011, game making started and stopped in 2008, re-digged and finished in 2011)
Stephanus makes an appearence in this game too. Now we see an older Stephanus encountering Gnarog when Gnarog gets transported to Ways of Darkness's world. Stephanus retains his status as a Human Knight. However, there are no mentions of his magical sword, nor his horse.
His personality is unchanged.

In Ways of Darkness on RPG Maker 2003 (2012, never finished, abandoned)
Stephanus is a human knight.
He has the exactly same personality and backstory as in the original FRPG, though there are no mentions of him having a magical sword here, since it does not exist in the game.
Stephanus is a comrade of the protagonist, if the protagonist is a knight. If the protagonist is not a knight, Stephanus does not know him/her. Nemezish mentions that Stephanus and Ladislaus were childhood friends, though none of the two actually ever mention that. But since they do not deny it either, we could say it's true.
Stephanus seems to be in the good graces of the grandmaster of the Knights' Order, Gaius, most likely due to his exceptional talents. Stephanus is also used to difficult - even seemingly suicidal - missions, as well having been through a lot of hardships, of which sleeping in mud was probably the least problematic.
Stephanus also acts as the bridge between the team (Protagonist, Gnarog, Nemezish, Ladislaus, Ildor) and the Knights Order.
In this game, he was voiced by Zsolt Tóth (me), who will most likely retain his role in the current ongoing game.

In Ways of Darkness on RPG Maker VX Ace (2013-???, in progress)
Stephanus is a human knight.
His personality will be the same.
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Evolution of Stephanus
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