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 Evolution of Ladislaus and Dermaglen

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Stephanus Tavilrond

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PostSubject: Evolution of Ladislaus and Dermaglen   Tue Jul 30, 2013 3:31 am

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Ladislaus Dominus

Alternate names: Radisurausu Dominusu (ラディスラウス ドミヌス, Japanese)
Creator: Laszlo Dornfeld (Dornfeld László in his native Hungarian) and Zsolt Toth (Tóth Zsolt, in his Native Hungarian + that's me!)
Race: Human
Class: Battlemage (Ways of Darkness on RPG Maker 2003), Warrior (Ways of Darkness on RPG Maker VX Ace)
First Apperance: Ways of Darkness on RPG Maker 2003 (2012)


Alternate names: Demaguren (デマグレン, Japanese)
Creator: Laszlo Dornfeld (Dornfeld László in his native Hungarian) and Zsolt Toth (Tóth Zsolt, in his Native Hungarian + that's me!)
Race: Unknown in Alternate World, formerly human then vampire in Ways of Darkness
Class: formerly Knight, then Dark Knight
First Apperance: Alternate World Parody on RPG Maker 2000 (2008)


Origins in Alternate World FRPG (2007-2009)
While neither Ladislaus nor Dermaglen made an in-game appearence in the original FRPG, they did appear in a certain way.
For starters, Ladislaus is the Latinized version of the Hungarian "László" (Lah-slou), the given name of the the person it was based on.
Second, László Dornfeld's username was Dermaglen, who gave his name to the character Dermaglen.
In the Alternate World parody, Dermaglen's personality was based on László Dornfeld's. However, with Ladislaus's appearence, Dermaglen's personality went through an overhaul. Ladislaus would be based on László Dornfeld, while Dermaglen would be an evil dark knight, an antagonist.

In Alternate World Parody on RPG Maker 2000 (2008/2011, game making started and stopped in 2008, re-digged and finished in 2011)
Ladislaus doesn't make an appearence yet.
Dermaglen on the other hand did. Dermaglen plays a relatively minor role in the game.
He helps Nemezish and Gnarog out of a prison, then disappears.
He reappears in the Ways of Darkness world, as the ingame incarnation of the person he was based on, László Dornfeld.
Just like László, he hates Jews, and likes Hitler and Nazism. Dermaglen plays direct role in the rescue of the priestess Arnelia, and in the revenge against Doclonius.
After the game ends, the ending screen tells that he moved to the real world, and helped László Dornfeld to recreate Greater Hungary, the way it was before 1918 (in the Treaty of Trianon in 1920, Hungary lost 73% of her land).

In the Ways of Darkness FRPG (2010-today)
Neither Ladislaus, nor Dermaglen made any appearence. Nevertheless, on the Hungarian version of the forum, László Dornfeld did create a character, named Ashram Wagnard, a Lich Death Knight based on Parn and Ashram from Records of Lodoss War.

In Ways of Darkness on RPG Maker 2003 (2012, never finished, abandoned)
Ladislaus is a human battlemage, who works as a mercenary.
Dermaglen is a vampire death-knight, originally a human knight but captured and transformed into a vampire into the tutorial.
Ladislaus plays relatively minor role, though he is member of the party, and Nemezish says that he was a childhood friend of Stephanus. Neither Stephanus, nor Ladislaus ever mention that, but since they do not deny it, it is implied to be true. Ladislaus stays behind with Ildor to defend Talon while the protagonist, Gnarog, Nemezish and Stephanus go to kill the vampire. According to Gnarog, Ladislaus fel in love with "a blond girl from Talon" (Maria Couroughis, based on Marisa Kirisame from Touhou, and the fact that László's waifu was Marisa for a while).
Dermaglen also plays a minor role - he is the henchman of Ignatius Psobelcus, and encounters the protagonist only once.
In the game, Ladislaus was voiced by Mattias Steisner, Dermaglen was voiced by Zsolt Tóth (that's me).

In Ways of Darkness on RPG Maker VX Ace (2013-???, in progress)
Ladislaus is a human warrior, Dermaglen is a vampire death-knight.
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Evolution of Ladislaus and Dermaglen
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