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 Voiceable roles (OBSOLETE)

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Stephanus Tavilrond

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PostSubject: Voiceable roles (OBSOLETE)   Sat Sep 08, 2012 6:46 am

If anyone wants to voice a character, I will give the lines of the current free characters:

Morthen Orden'Ath Ildor - ROLE TAKEN

[Only admins are allowed to see this image]
Species: Human
Gender: Male
Age: Early or mid 20's
Class: Ranger (sort of Warrior+Druid hybrid)
Birthplace: ??? (possibly Dracfold or Steelhelm?)
Personality: Self-proclaimed treasure hunter. Fast-talking, cocky, adventure-loving, but has a tendency to chicken out. Not really into romantics, he prefers going treasure hunting. When he needs some time alone, he visits the nearest forest. He will not harm innoccent people for his own convience and dislikes pointless fighting.
Ildor's lines:
"Can you shut up? I'm getting thirsty..."
"Has the beer got into your head? Maybe you drank too much..."
"Got to thinking, Gnarog has a point. Things were cooler back then."
"A lot more cooler, I add."
"I have to be honest too. I can understand what Gnarog is feeling..."
"You weren't even there, Stephanus. So who are you to talk?"
"I think she's still sleeping..."
"I think he's still sleeping..."
"You were unconscious for three days... We thought you'd never wake up at all."
"She might have amnesia."
"He might have amnesia."
"There are legends about a person named Ignatius Psobelcus still being alive..."
"Allegedly he is a cyromancer-turned-necromancer..."
"Who found a way to stay alive forever, without becoming a vampire or a lich..."
"At least that's what I heard... "
"He's our friend"
"Why Talon? The vampire could be anywhere."
"Im not a chicken! But okay, I'll stay behind..."
"By the way, what about Ladislaus?"
"Either way, Ladislaus, we have a mission at hand..."
"I am Morthen Orden'Ath Ildor, but just call me Ildor. People say it's easier to remember."
"It's over ni- Wait, what?"
"I think that was the last of them..."
"Okay. We'll see if Stephanus and the others have arrived yet..."
"We were attacked by about 30 skeletons... You figure out the rest."
"You mad, Ladislaus? *laugh*
*laugh* "I'd love to see that"
"That's right. You eat more like a whale..." *laugh*
"It's better to be a chicken than a pig..." *laugh*
"... and fatter." *laugh*
"You better take a rest."
"I'm fine too... That smells like... fire?"
"I've got a bad feeling about this. Something seems weird with your hand..."
"Yes, what's in your mind?"
"I'm afraid that's not quite possible."
"Your choice."
"I heard that some people may come out crazy or mentally broken after such dreams."
"Some formerly good people became evil after seeing such dreams. You must confront it as soon as possible."
"Sure, what would you like to know?"
"I'm studying books on ice magic..."
"I was born in Steelhelm. A boring place. It's nothing but stone walls and snow everywhere."
"I never liked that place. But I never liked staying at one place either."
"I guess that's why I love treasure hunting. You never know what exotic places you may visit."
"I was looking for a minauture golden statue of a minotaur. Then I accidentally stumbled upon Gnarog and Nemezish."
"Then we stubmled upon Stephanus and Ladislaus at some ancient temple's ruins... good times..."
"I learned fighting and using magic in Dragoc... those elves are really good."
"The Wood Elves have a reputation of xenophobic people. It was surprising that they introduced me, a human to their ways."
"I guess memories of your homeland are not always so sweet, right?" (only if the protagonist is a Wood Elf)
"Those Wood Elves are very different from us humans. Unlike your High Elves." (only if the protagonist is a High Elf)
"Does your people still hold grudge against the wood elves?" (only if the protagonist is a Dark Elf)

Gnarog Dougfral - ROLE TAKEN

[Only admins are allowed to see this image]
Species: Human
Gender: Male
Age: Early or mid 20's
Class: Warrior
Birthplace: ??? (possibly Talon or Grandfolk?)
Personality: Self-proclaimed battle-born warrior. Despite being a warrior rather than a spellcaster, he does have an eccentric personality. But don't confuse eccentric for retarded - Gnarog is anything but retarded, in fact, he's rather intelligent (or has a lot of lexical knowledge), despite his eccentricity, however his volatile emotions often turn into childish behavior and becomes tiresome to his friends too. Suicidally brave - Even when his life is in danger, he refuses to back, even if seriously wounded, the moment he detects the presence of those he most protect at all costs he would completely forget the pain. He is impatient by nature and can be very prideful, having much difficulty to admit he was wrong about something.
Being said, Gnarog is usually reasonable, unless the boredom gets the better of him - or any other special occasion, like battles. He has deep feelings for Nemezish (silver-haired female healer who travels with him), isn't ashamed to admit his love for her, unquestioningly loyal to her, and is more than happy to know that she more-or-less returns his feelings.
Gnarog's lines:
"You need a little bit of more physical training anyway..."
*sigh* "Do you guys remember the good old times?"
"Things were so exciting years ago... I still remember."
"I still remember all our adventures... All joy and sadness. All together.. " *sigh*
*sigh* "Nemezish, do you remember when we first kissed?"
"Guys, I have to be honest with you all..."
"I think I'm going bored to death. I want my life full of passion and adventures back."
"I want to halucinate about seeing a blue golem again."
"I want to save the world again!"
"I want to beat orcs again, and then fight pirates!"
"I want to be on a divine mission again..."
"Come on guys... Just for the sake of those good memories..."
"Why can't have one last adventure, before finally setting down?"
"An adventure..."
"And a drinking party after that."
"I just want something weird to happen. Anything. ANYTHING."
"I know. Let's look for weird stuff in the forest!"
"We will get her! Where was she last seen?"
"Consider your sister saved. We're going."
"We should pay him a visit then..."
"What are we waiting for? Let's go!"
"You owe us the money for three nights anyway..."
"So let's go and check that so called henchman of the lord..."
"By the way, what's your name?"
"I don't care, you still owe us 60 gold coins..."
"I hope so, otherwise you will have to find other means to clear your debt..."
"You are a genius"
"So, how are you doing?"
"What about Ignatius?"
"What are we waiting for? Let's go!"
"That's exactly why... If some of us are investigating the forest, he could attack anytime."
"Thus, isn't guard duty the main dream of a chicken like you?"
"I heard that he has fallen in love with a blond girl from Talon...  It would only distract him."
"We should stop by at the inn in Talon. Ladislaus might be there."
"So, Ladislaus, what are you doing here?"
"Anyway, we've got a vampire to catch. Stephanus's master told us to do so."
"You stay in Talon with Ildor. Nemezish and I are going with *pause*"
"Good idea. Then he can come with us with the forest during the night..."
"Ildor, you stay here with Ladislaus."

Ladislaus Dominus - ROLE TAKEN

[Only admins are allowed to see this image]
Species: Human
Gender: Male
Age: Early or mid 20's
Class: Battlemage
Birthplace: ??? (possibly Talon or Grandfolk?)
Personality: Freelancer mercenary battlemage or spellsword, or whatever you name it. Most mercenaries are simple warriors who completely lack the ability to use magic (unlike talent for fighting, magic is not something one is born with - learning how to use magic is like learning a musical instrument, but every mortal being has an inborn possibility to learn it), but Ladislaus is a combination of warrior and magician, a battlemage or spellsword, however, judging by his personality and physical appearance, he seems to be leaning closer towards warrior than magician.
Nevertheless, the fact that he's a mercenary implies that his personality is not a very honourable one.
And it is not indeed.
Ladislaus seems to be heavily motivated by money on the outside. Well, he hates going on missions where there's no money to be made, unless the world is in danger or something.
A person who loves alcohol, Ladislaus enjoys nothing more than drinking.
And there is another weak point of Ladislaus - women. He's a womanizer, a lecher. But there is one certain woman who means a lot more to him than anyone else - Maria Couroughis. Marai doesn't know about it though...
Ladislaus's lines:
"Hey Stephanus! We're out of beer.  Can you get some?"
"I'm enjoying my life the way it is..."
"Oh no, not again..."
"Guys... Let's just calm down. So, what do you two actually want?"
"No, not at all."
"A mission, huh? How much will we make? Wait a minute, who is the stranger?"
"Stephanus's master? You mean no reward? Man! Scratch that..."
"Ildor, what does the counter say? How many skeletons have we killed so far?"
"Uhm, nevermind..."
"I wonder what Gnarog and the others are doing..."
"And what happened with you guys? Had any success?"
"Off course we accept."
"Thus, two chickens beat one pig." *trollface*
"I see what you did there..."
"We don't even know why is he looking after you in the first place."
"Roger that...Wait a minute...My cloak!"

Other voicable minor characters
Ghinerva Couroughis - elderly female - ROLE TAKEN
"My husband Carolus died *pause* years ago."
"His two sons, Adalbaldus and Aedwine, along with his brother, Ladislaus died during a housefire with him."
"The wives of his sons died as well. So I was left to raise my orphaned grandchildren."
"The two blond daughers are Maria and Alicia."
"The blond son is Aelfwin, the blacksmith.  The brown haired is Edgar."
"According to officials, Talon was founded by Susacus Courouroughi. But legends say it's much older than that."
"Susacus Courouroughi lived at least 6 centuries ago. Some say that my family descended from his."
"Things were better back in the days..."

Maria Couroughis the Younger - female in late teens or early twenties - ROLE TAKEN
"I'm busy cooking..."
"Is there anyone listening? My sister has been kidnapped!"
"She was last seen in the forest... I told her not to play around there, but she couldn't listen!"
"Grandmother says I should get married... but so soon! I'm not going through that!"

Alicia Couroughis - female in late teens [size=15]- ROLE TAKEN
"You're not from around here, are you?"
"My name is Alicia Couroughis. I live with my older sister Maria, and my brothers Edgar and Aelfwin."
"And you?"
"Oh... You must have seen a lot of fight then..."
"Oh... You must have seen the world then..."
*eats like a pig* "That's not true at all! *eats like a pig*

Edgar Couroughis - male in early or mid twenties, farmer - ROLE TAKEN
"This year's harvest seems promising."
"I hope I have enough seeds to plant."
"Thank Titanius for last year's harvest... We will have plenty to eat and spare."
"The crops seem to be growing well..."

Aelfwin Couroughis - male in early or mid twenties, blacksmith - ROLE TAKEN
"Would you like a sword, or a piece of armour?"

Aethelfrith Cosmas - elderly male, carpenter [size=15]- ROLE OPEN
"I used to be an adventurer like you... But then I took an axe to the knee. Now I'm a simple carpenter."

Leofwine Caeruleus - elderly male, fat alchemist - ROLE TAKEN
"Do you wish to buy something?"

Largus Starqehand - male in mid or late thirties, baker - ROLE TAKEN
"Gotta keep my eyes open. I don't want to overbrun the bread."
"It's also nice to come in... A beer makes all the daily drama just go away, like it should..."

Anna Starqehand - female in mid thirties - ROLE TAKEN
"I'm making the lunch..."

Bartender - fat and bald bartender with moutsache - [/B]ROLE TAKEN
"Would you like a drink or a room?"
"Would you like a drink? Or hand back the key?"
"Here is your key. Just keep in mind to hand it back before leaving."
"Off course. Want to have a soft drink or a heavier one?"
"Thank you."
"And since you didn't sleep, you get your money back."

Female Cook - female probably in late twenties or early thirties - ROLE TAKEN
"I'm busy making his lordship's lunch. Please do not interrupt."

Male Cook - bald male with a moustache, probably in thirties or fourties [size=15]- ROLE TAKEN
"The lord prefers his bread fresh... So we cook it here."

Aethelwulf Psobelscus - male in early thirties with blond hair and a moustache, the owner of the village - ROLE TAKEN
"Do not interrupt, I'm handling important paperwork..."

Lars Psobelcus - son of Aethelwulf Psobelcus, has short red hair, no facial hair, implied to be in his late teens or early twenties - ROLE TAKEN
"The forest is not that safe for hunting anymore..."

Michaelis Rusticus - male in late thirties or early-to-mid fourties, fat, nearly-bald (has black hair), and has a mustache - ROLE TAKEN
"Welcome. How can I help?"
"Hmmmm. What are you good at?"
"Hmmmm. We recently had cases of people disappearing."
"Nearly all of them went to the so called Forest of Hate."
"It's north of Talon. I'd pay, if you investigated it."
"Will 150 gold coins do?"
"200 then. No more."
"Investigate the forest. Apparently there is a wooden house, where a murderer lives, but we cannot confirm."
"Now go."

Unnamed Guard - male, no further details given, implied to be in his twenties or thirties, maybe even fourties (face is not visible due to armour) - ROLE TAKEN
"His lordship doesn't authorize entry..."
"Whoa, whoa, easy there.. Go ahead."
"Either way, we're going back to our guard post, to make sure that the lord is safe."

Alaric Starqehand - young boy, implied to be under 12 but over 7 - ROLE TAKEN
"Elis and Martin are trying to catch that rabbit..."

Anette Starqehand - young girl, implied to be under 12 but over 7 - ROLE OPEN
"Elis and Martin are trying to catch that rabbit..."

Ailin Psobelcus - younger daughter of Aethelwulf Psobelcus, sister of Lars Psobelscus, implied to be under 12 but over 7 - ROLE OPEN
"Why are they trying to catch the rabbit?"

Usagiyasha - female [Only admins are allowed to see this link], looks like someone in late teens or early twenties, real age is unknown - ROLE TAKEN
"What? You've never seen a talking rabbit before?" (rabbit-ish voice, she says this before transforming into her humanoid form)
"Gee whiz, captain obvious... Do you realize I'm talking to you?" (rabbit-ish voice, she says this before transforming into her humanoid form)
"Hopeless..." (rabbit-ish voice, she says this before transforming into her humanoid form)
"Is it more acceptable now?" (now in her human form, so human voice)
"By the way, my name is Usagiyasha." (now in her human form, so human voice)
"That's a long story..." (now in her human form, so human voice)
"I am basically a decoy... I noticed an evil presence in the village. So I have to inspect it."
"Anyway, see you later..." (rabbit-ish voice, she says this after transforming back into her rabbit form)

Master Rutger - male knight with gray hair, implied to be in late fourties or early fifties [size=15]- ROLE OPEN
"Ah, you finally arrived."
"Your mission will be to investigate the Forest of Hate. It's North of Talon."
"The villagers of Talon have complained about people disappearing recently."
"Apparently a murderer is abducting them."
"The folk say that he is some person named Ignatius Psobelcus. But that person has been dead for 37 years."
"Either way, I'm sending you to investigate."

Grandmaster Gaius Frostang - male knight (Grandmaster of the Order of the Bloody Red Light) with gray hair, is in his late fifties (physically still strong and mentally intelligent never the less, not senile or a weakling at all) ROLE TAKEN
"Yes? What is it?"
"Ignatius? The necromancer? And by judging what happened, the mission looks like a failure."
"I think I should instruct some of the more skilled masters to handle the problem."
"In the meantime, you will be tracking down a vampire, who may or may not be associated with Ignatius."
"That vampire has taken out one of our knights recently, so I think we have every right believe that they are associated.."
"Either way, that would be another menace going down the drain..."
"The vampire operates only during the night, so you better prepare well... You still have time for that..."
"Stephanus, stay here for a while. There are some other things we need to talk about.."

Merchant - male, has silver-colored long hair, no facial hair, veil conceals face, actual age unknown, implied to be in twenties or thirties (maybe even fourties) - ROLE OPEN
"... and what about... that orb?"
"I see, here is your hard-earned gold per agreed, now hand it over to me!"
"I don't understand..."
"Urk... so that bastard stole it... you know?"
"I don't care... he was supposed to buy it for scratch, but now that he sold it to me fair and square, it belongs to m..."
"Urk! No... no way! SKULI, TO ME YOU BASTARD!"*whistles*
"We can discuss your little failure later! Just take her down, I am in the middle of a bussiness transaction!"
"Kill her!" *whistle*
"What are you all waiting for? Kill her!"

Warrior - male, looks like a [Only admins are allowed to see this link] or an [Only admins are allowed to see this link], age unknown, implied to be in thirties - ROLE OPEN
"'course man! Took me a hell time makin' the gal sell it to me""
"Here ye go, man. Ehehehe, pleasure doin' bussiness..."

Merchant 2 - fat male, bald, has black beard, implied to be in thirties or fourties, has deeper voice, sells fruits and vegetables - ROLE OPEN
"Fresh apples, pears, cabbage, grapes and carrots! All for sale!"
"Come back next time too, I'll have plenty more waiting!"
"Make sure to buy something next time... "

Merchant 3 - fat male, has no facial hair, implied to be in thirties, has a higher pitch voice, sells bread and bakery products - ROLE OPEN
"The finest bread from all of Etrand, take a look!"
"Make sure to check in next time too!"
(after player didn'T buy anything) "Hmmmph..."

Arkatesh - male dwarf banker, has gray hair - ROLE OPEN
"H-Welcome! Do you wish to borrow money, or make me keep it safe for you?"
"Keep in mind, we have an interest rate of 10%."
"So, how much do you need?"
"Keep in mind, that we keep 10% of the money you deposit."
"So, how much do you wish to put in?"
"Please keep in mind to repay your debt in two weeks."
"Please keep in mind to repay your debt in a week."

Merchant/Butcher - yet another fat male, with black hair, no facial hair, implied to be the thirties - ROLE OPEN
"You'll find the best poultry here!"

Egbert - male human, thin, has brown hair and brown beard, implied to be in thirties or fourties - ROLE OPEN
"Would ye be interested in hunters stuff o' food?"

Adaled - male human, has brown hair, implied to ber in thirties or fourties - ROLE OPEN
"Would ye like a soft drink, or a heavier one?"

Dwarf - male dwarf, has red hair, red beard, heavy Scandinavian, German or Irish accent - ROLE OPEN
"Welcome good sir. What would you like to buy today?"

I think that's it for now. Anyone wish to voice someone?
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Voiceable roles (OBSOLETE)
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